Spectrum Care Academy
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Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. How can Spectrum Care Academy help my child academically?
    Spectrum Care Academy offers an on-campus schooling and tutorial program. Students receive academic instruction from certified teachers provided by the county Board Of Education. Students are assessed upon admission to our program to determine individual academic functioning. Teachers and staff work alongside the student to assist in achievement of goals and academic potential. Teachers at Spectrum Care Academy are specialized in working with students experiencing emotional and/or behavioral problems. Our small classroom size allows for more direct assistance from the teacher as as positive peer and group learning.
  2. Can Spectrum Care Academy help my child learn how to manage behavior at home too?
    Yes. Spectrum Care Academy offers individual, group, and family therapy, psychiatric medication management, and residential behavior modification programming to assist your child in learning appropriate ways to stabilize mood, solve conflicts with others, address anger control problems and other mental health issues. Spectrum Care Academy also offers an interactive family program. Parents are encouraged to maintain frequent contact with their child. In addition to weekend visitations, children receive home passes for the weekend for positive behavior (although visitation rules vary by campus). The program also offers a transition-back-to-home program. The children are able to demonstrate their new abilities in behavior management and academic ability during these home passes (and transition passes) prior to being formally discharged from the program.
  3. Will my child have to change school districts?
    Students attending the schooling program are enrolled in the County School system in which the campus is located.
  4. How long is the length of stay for the program?
    The average length of stay is about 6-9 months. Treatment is not determined by the time, but by the successful achievement of treatment goals. If children work hard to reach their goals, they are able to complete the program more rapidly. For children who have more difficultly dealing with their goals, we continue to work with them over longer periods of time in order to help them achieve treatment.
  5. How can Spectrum Care Academy help my child succeed socially in regular public school?
    Spectrum Care Academy offers a treatment program designed to coordinate academic learning with social skills and personal growth. In addition to improving academic ability, children also learn the importance of teamwork, communication, sportsmanship, conflict resolution, leadership, friendship, and positive self-esteem through structured, supervised activities and treatment programming offered throughout the day.
  6. How much does the program cost??
    Spectrum Care Academy is reimbursed and paid for by the Medicaid program.
  7. What happens after my child completes the program?
    The Spectrum Care Academy treatment team and therapists work with the parent and school system to develop aftercare plans to assist the child's re-integration into the home and regular school environments.
  8. How do I enroll my child?
    First click our ADMISSION tab to see if your child qualifies, then select one of our four campuses to refer him or her to the program.