Spectrum Care Academy
Kentucky's Top Behavioral Health Facility

Elizabethtown Campuses I & II

Boys ages 8 to 14

461 Fowler Lane
Elizabethtown, KY  42701
(270) 234-0591
(270) 234-0781 Fax

The Elizabethtown Campus is located on a beautiful 40-acre farm with a stream and woods. This campus specializes in providing clinical treatment services to boys between the ages of 8 and 14 years. Nine children reside in the Maple Valley Home, which is a ranch style home tucked among maple trees. Nine children also reside in the Hill View Home, which is a two-story home with a large country front porch that overlooks the campus. There are lots of outdoor activities such as sports, nature hikes, fossil and arrowhead collecting, gardening, and bird watching. The area is full of wildlife for the boys to admire such as deer, turkey, various birds, ducks, and geese. The Elizabethtown site also proudly displays a log cabin more than 100 years old. 


Referring individuals may submit a referral application by telephone, mail or facsimile. Upon arrival, an assessment is scheduled with the client and his or her referring party. The assessment is then reviewed by the Clinical Director and interdisciplinary team for admission appropriateness. Once a referral is determined to be admission appropriate an admission date is assigned.

The following documentation is required from the referring party prior to the admission date:

- Completion of the Spectrum Care Academy Referral Form
- Map 569 (obtained from previous psychiatrist)
- Psycho-social Evaluation (obtained from previous therapist)
- Psychiatric Evaluation (obtained from previous psychiatrist)
- Current Medical card
- Immunization record
- Birth Certificate or Social Security Card

To refer a patient to the Elizabethtown Campus of Spectrum Care Academy please include the following information in the referral:​​

Child's Name
Date of birth
Social security number
Guardian contact information
Insurance information
Current diagnoses
Current medications
History of out of home placements
Current behaviors 
IQ testing, if available




(606) 862 - 6783