Spectrum Care Academy
Kentucky's Top Behavioral Health Facility
Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facilities provide intensive treatment services to children and adolescents in a highly structured, supervised therapeutic and home-like environment. The program serves residents with persistent and severe emotional difficulties which interfere with adequate functioning at home, school, and/or within the community, and who are unable to respond to a less restrictive level of care. The program provides flexible, comprehensive psychiatric treatment and educational services for residents in need of 24-hour-a-day, 7-day-a-week care.
The Program is designed to assist children and adolescents in developing skills and techniques for behavioral self-control, which enable them to function within the community. A critical element of treatment is the building of positive relationships. Treatment services are designed to foster ego building and the development of effective coping strategies that promote self-reliance, personal responsibility, trust and problem-solving skills.​

The PRTF is based on the belief that each individual resident has a unique set of needs. We believe that each individual possesses talents, strengths, and resources that, when accessed, enables growth and an opportunity to realize his/her full potential. Our goal is to ensure that appropriate treatment, specific to the individual’s needs, is delivered in a secure setting which promotes the development of basic life skills and positive relationships. Through the facilitation of flexible treatment interventions in a well-structured milieu, residents are encouraged to develop behaviors that enable them to be accepted and productive members of society.

Certified Clinicians

Caring, trained staff of professionals.